A Wide Array of Insurance Claims and Consulting Services

At Eastern Claims, we offer a comprehensive selection of consulting and claims services to insurance carriers across the state of North Carolina. We are a multi-line adjusting company with a wide network of experienced adjusters. 

What We Offer


We will link you to several highly skilled independent adjusters. They can perform a variety of tasks, including examining claims, negotiating settlements, and more.

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Aerial drone technology has effectively changed insurance investigations. Drones have the advantage of being able to access areas that may pose health, safety, and environmental risks. They can also cover more ground than a person on foot can.


To prevent insurance fraud related to property loss, a claims adjuster must be thorough. You can rely on our professionals to scrutinize the claim, interpret your policy, and apply your policy’s wording based on the facts gathered during investigation.


We can provide you with adjusters who possess extensive expertise in investigating liability claims. You can count on them to be meticulous and empathic, traits that are very useful in this field.


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